The tournament is full mixed and the format is the same as the latest BULA 5-on-5 official rules:
– 2 men and 3 women or 3 men and 2 women on the line, gender ratio rule A
– game to 13 points or 45 minutes
– when the time is over the participants finish the point and add 1 to the higher score (cap +1)
– half-time is when one of the teams score the 7th point (there is no „time half-time”)
– each team has 1 time-out per game (90 seconds)
– the brick is 15 metres from the defended zone line
– a foot under the line is treated as IN
– and more details you can find here: beach ultimate rules PDF


The team must have a minimum of five women and five men. 

The tournament is three days long: August 23-25, so a few more people are advisable.