Dear beach lovers!

With the registration started, it’s time for an update about accommodation. It’s not included in your player fee, but you’re in the right place – here you can find all the information you need to arrange your stay exactly the way you want and have a great time at SandSlash!

For accomodation for freestylers mail to: freestyle(at) or contact Konrad Patris or Michał Maciołek through Facebook.

Dębki is a small village, but it’s very long, because almost everything is located along one road. Depending on the place you choose, you might find yourself having to walk quite a distance to the fields – up to 20 minutes. The fields will be set up by the entrance to the beach no. 21, which is next to Kurczak Bar and Łąkowa street. The parties will take place in Kontener bar right next to the fields. We marked it on the map attached below.

There’s a wide variety of accommodation options in Dębki:

– Apartments:

– Guesthouses:

– Bungalows:

– Campsites:

And here’s another (more detailed) map:

Even though the websites above are in Polish, you can use Google Translator ( – it works well with them and it’s easy to find what you need. Only watch out for translated street names

We hope that you won’t have any trouble with booking accommodation of your choice, but if you do, you can write us an email (Adam: accommodation(at) with the following info:

– number of people,

– date arrival, date departure and number of nights,

– your preference as to what kind of place you want to stay in,

and we can help you sort out the details.